What is your Concept?

David originally set up his own English conversation school near Kyoto, Japan over 15 years ago and this online service is based on his successful concept of teaching. With over 20 years of experience of teaching English in Japan to private students on a one to one basis as well as to groups, David is well suited to teaching online and a specialist in teaching students of pre-intermediate to advanced levels. Mature well-travelled students with (or seeking) a knowledge of the World will especially enjoy and benefit from their classes.


What are the Requirements?

All prospective students need is a broadband or cable connection, Skype™ and a Web-Cam (if you wish to use one). Payment for lessons are made simply and safely through Paypal™.


Who is David?

I am originally from London, England. I grew up there and return to the city whenever I can. Although I've spent over 20 years in Japan I'm still very British in heart and mind.


Why did you decide to live in Japan?

I fell in love with asia (and Japan especially) in the early 1980's while travelling widely in the region, returned again and again, and finally ended up living in Japan as a result of my curiosity and interest in the culture . I have lived in Japan for 20 years.


Are you married?

Yes, my wife is Japanese, and we have 2 children (aged 19 and 23). My wife has been working with me as an English teacher (She is also a teacher of the Japanese language) for a great many years.


Do you speak Japanese?

Yes, enough to get me into trouble, and then out of it again!


Why did you become a teacher?

Originally, it was so that I could make a living in Japan. I took an intensive TEFL course in the UK, but wasn't sure at that time if teaching English was a profession that I would really enjoy. Fortunately, that changed once I began to teach in Japan. And it was the pleasure received in the classroom from communicating with and getting to know my students that brought about the change. My Japanese students have also been my teachers, I have learned through them about their country and culture. And I place great value on the friendships that I have made and continue to enjoy among them.

Why do you feel that you are suited to teaching online?

It's simply because I have long experience of teaching individual students on a one-to-one basis (over 20 years). And (as in most things) experience is vitally important to teaching one-to-one successfully online. I estimate that at least 75% of the students I have taught over the years have continued to study with me for at least 3 years. And I am proud to say that many of them have continued for much, much longer than that too. I have a very good track record.

Why do you think your students enjoy their classes?

I think mature and well-travelled students of pre-intermediate to advanced English levels especially enjoy and benefit from my classes. Basically, it's because their travels, interests and experiences in life give them a wealth of subject matter for conversation, along with the desire to make the most of the stimulus to speak that is provided by a teacher.


Have you travelled widely yourself?

I have travelled widely and extensively (about 25 countries) over the years. And I continue to do so.


What are your interests?

I have a wide range of interests. They include history, politics, the media, movies, literature, sport, music, ethnic cultures, food and wine. But my greatest love of all is travel.

What kind of lessons are available?

Lessons, lesson plans, materials etc. depend on the personal requirements of each individual student and his / her level of English. After 20 years in the business, I'm very flexible.


Can I have a demo lesson?

Before you decide whether to become a student or not, you can have an online demonstration lesson. It cannot be provided free, but the charge is just ¥1,500. And if you then decide to take online classes, a ¥1,500 discount is given upon making your first payment.


How much are lesson fees?

The cost of a lesson of 50 minutes is  ¥2,500. Initially you are required to pay for a block of 12 lessons (¥30,000 for 12). After the initial 12 lessons are used, you may change to paying for blocks of 4 lessons (¥ 10,000) at a time.


Can I cancel a lesson?

In a 12 lesson block you may cancel lessons 3 times without losing a lesson. In an 8 lesson block you may cancel twice. And in a 4 lesson block one cancellation is available. I fully understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel a class due to business, sickness, and holidays etc.


What's the schedule?

You are of course free to choose the location in which you take lessons. The benefit of this is that classes can be taken while at home, in a workplace, a holiday resort, virtually anywhere. The lesson times are on a fixed schedule. However, I do my best to be flexible. So changes in times can be made where possible. But it does of course depend on the open times available in my teaching schedule.


Do I need to use a web-cam?

If it is your preference not to use a web-cam, it's not a problem. But I do recommend that you use one. You will of course be able to see me during lessons as I will have my web-cam operating.


Do I have to use Skype™ ?

Skype™ is the preferred media for online conversation lessons for most teachers and students. The software is free and can be down-loaded and set up easily and safely (in Japanese). And there is no charge made when calling another Skype™ username. So you don't have the extra expense of paying phone charges for your lessons. It's also very easy to use.


What is Paypal™ ?

Paypal™ has become the most widely used system for making secure payments online. Using Paypal™ your credit card and details etc. are not revealed to the person or company receiving your payment.


How do I contact you?

You can contact me for more information or to set up a demonstration lesson. You just send an e-mail to me.


Why do you offer the service online?

Because current technology allows me to cover the needs of students who wish to learn independently from their own convenient locations.


What's the advantage?

Online learning has clear advantages. Free to choose study locations, no travelling to class-rooms, convenient and time saving, easy to save lesson sessions as files for later review , cheaper than compared to most other professional onsite classroom lessons, suitable for housewives.